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The Art of Mañana

With some unfriendly fire, Feathers the Wonder Dog has finally combatted Klady's persistent mañana!

I applied to join the Boy's Club

Feathers the Wonder Dog applied to join the exclusive Sandfly Roosters Club to enjoy the many benefits that exclusive social clubs provide.

Meeting mermaids - it's true

Perched high on the bed surveying my realm including our beautiful bay, I saw my first mermaids - yes! True!

Grounded. And I’m not even a teenager.

It all happened as I was keeping a keen eye on the Realm when unexpectedly I saw Georgie chasing something on the shore. I joined the chase.

Welcome to Scarecrow Country

Arriving in Tassie there were some very strange sights; along stood straw sculptures (some rotting), many with silly lop-sided grins. HELP!

Spice to knock my whiskers off

Life continues at World's End with endless summer cricket and an abundance of rich black cherries repurposed into Spicy Cherry BBQ Sauce.

Yet another 'forever' home

I believe that our new 'forever' home is Klady’s Christmas gift to me as a reward for my years of faithful doggie companionship.

The great salmon escape

The roar of engines started early Tuesday morning. We had a major fish escape from the local salmon farm. All fishing hands on deck!

Finally, the bacon left the bathroom

The Lonzino is still hanging in the shower along with other goodies but the bacon has been an absolute and total disaster.

Now there's prosciutto in my bathroom

Klady spent a day at renowned Fat Pig Farm learning all about pigs and pork and how to make gourmet charcuterie goodies. YUM!

A Wolf in the garden!

I found a wolf in the front garden - an amazing yacht named Varg – or Wolf in Norwegian - resting in a waterfront garden.

My Brush with Crims – Part 2

Dear friends – thank you so much for all your messages of support after Klady’s Saab fiasco AND my heroic deeds. Klady and I think the...


Dear Friends – after all my shark excitement, this past week has been very quiet. Well quiet for me but not for the greater Huon Valley...

I kissed a Ghost Shark!

Dear Friends – I really did kiss a Ghost Shark and this was the pinnacle of my fascination with this beautiful animal. More about that...

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I am a 12-year old Kelpie X born in Scone, NSW. Kelpies are quality Australian working farm dogs.

I arrived in Sydney at the tender age of 4 weeks and have never looked back.  My Sydney life was at its best, cushy and comfy, but I always needed that extra bit of excitement to help with my energy and to feed my curiosity.

For years, I have served as a useful source to those seeking inspiration, help, or cuddles. After moving to the most southern tip of Tasmania in 2020 (I call it World's End, next stop Antarctica), I finally decided to start writing about my passions, thoughts and wonderings about my new world.

I founded Feathers the Wonder Dog  to share with others my new life.

Please take some time to explore my blog, read, and always feel free to contact me with your ideas and opinions - and of course dog treats!

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