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The Kelpie Constellation - a night of mild madness

Dear friends – here at World’s End we remain in firm lockdown, unable to even glimpse the mainland coast in case those germs catch the...

A dark night of satisfying revenge!

Dear Friends - In Antarctica, many wintering Australian expeditioners celebrate midwinter with a subzero swim in a hole cut in the sea...

How does Davy Jones blow his nose?

Dear friends – FINALLY after moving to Tassie five months ago, I have been allowed to go out on our boat, Coldstream! It took a lot of...

The Agony of Google Maps

Dear friends – many of you may know by now that Klady has an inordinate sense of adventure. This was nurtured through her childhood by...

Mae West and Me

Dear friends – I know Mae West’s saying Is this a gun in your pocket or are you happy to see me? is somewhat of a cliché but I now...

It's a dog's life - YIPPEE!!!!

It’s been more than four months since I was removed from the hot and humid un-comforts of Sydney and transported to World’s End (as my...

The Case of the Elastic Goose

I’ve recently noticed that we have three large flocks of geese living nearby and while I haven’t been allowed to race out of the car to...

Kelp or Kelpie?

Hello friends! Thank you so much for your feedback about my last Blog. I appreciate how the previous topic touched so many of you. This...

Do cows cry?

The past couple of months have been lovely seeing the cows with their calves, grazing up and down the hills. But one day all this changed.

Should I buy a polar fleecy? ......

A tidy, minimalist house; numerous walks every Wednesday and Saturday morning; the hum of the vacuum cleaner and leaf blower ringing in...

5 top fitness tips for the modern dog

Hello friends it’s me Feathers the Wonder Dog again, Boy has my life changed. It seems that the days where Klady gets up before dawn,...


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I am a 12-year old Kelpie X born in Scone, NSW. Kelpies are quality Australian working farm dogs.

I arrived in Sydney at the tender age of 4 weeks and have never looked back.  My Sydney life was at its best, cushy and comfy, but I always needed that extra bit of excitement to help with my energy and to feed my curiosity.

For years, I have served as a useful source to those seeking inspiration, help, or cuddles. After moving to the most southern tip of Tasmania in 2020 (I call it World's End, next stop Antarctica), I finally decided to start writing about my passions, thoughts and wonderings about my new world.

I founded Feathers the Wonder Dog  to share with others my new life.

Please take some time to explore my blog, read, and always feel free to contact me with your ideas and opinions - and of course dog treats!

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