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5 top fitness tips for the modern dog

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Hello friends it’s me Feathers the Wonder Dog again, Boy has my life changed. It seems that the days where Klady gets up before dawn, crawls into the car and arrives home in the dark have long gone. She is around all the time now and my treat bowl is opened several times a day! Bliss. Now this is a sensitive but very important issue. The Covid19 crisis has made me think carefully about owner fitness, given the restrictions on outdoor movemens and socialising. Luckily, having a dog or two provides the best tool for any dog owner's health. While socially distanced trips to the dog park helps keep me trim and terrific if I say so myself, all the standing around doesn't actually help your owner. Well, living in sparsely populated southern Tasmania – actually Verona Sands, Tasmania – has given me plenty of thinking time to work on this important matter and so here are my go to 5 top tips to help all you loyal dogs get your owners up and about. Tip 1: Aerobics V. 1

  • Bark at the ball thrower making sure your owner gets the hint to pick it up and then dash to the gate, garden or beach. Show enthusiasm and run around, especially if you can reach the edge of a stretch of water. This will encourage your owner to toss the ball into the water so you can have a little dip. Chase the ball, bring it back and BEG FOR MORE. Guaranteed, it will be thrown further the second time.

  • Now here’s the important bit…. When the ball has been thrown into deeper water, swim out, pick up the ball, drop it back into the water and swim back then beg for the next throw. Voila! Your owner now has to go for a swim to fetch! Clever eh?

Tip 2: Aerobics V. 2

  • Make sure there are other dogs around.

  • Encourage your owner to throw the ball as far as possible and play “fetch” – keeping the required 2 metres distance from other dogs (except for their delicious smelly bits). Always bring the ball back and BEG FOR MORE. On the second throw, pick up the ball and race away to where other dogs are playing where you can then steal theirs and run around in circles.

  • Your owner will now have to come and try and retrieve the other dog’s toys.

  • Keep running and looking friendly (wag that tail) but don’t give in. Your owner will be grateful for the cross-country practice

Tip 3: Anaerobic Weight Training

  • Once you have enthusiastically engaged in Tips 1 or 2, lie on the ground panting. Don’t move, just wag your tail and remain limp. Eventually, your owner will have to lift all of your 20 kg + and carry you home.

  • Remember NOT to wriggle but lie there for the heaviest ‘dead’ weight.

  • Great for the arm muscles and core strength. Ingenious don’t you think?

Tip 4: Core Strength Squats

  • I just love this one! The secret is finding a little ditch, drain or hole in the ground.

  • Pick up and run around with a toy or ball – or even, if I dare say so – a favourite item from your owner’s boudoir. Once you’ve attracted your owner’s attention, making sure they follow you, drop it into the aforementioned hole and watch them squat to pick it up. Once given back, repeat (or steal another item from the boudoir).

Tip 5: Stretching – the cool down

  • This is VERY important so your owner avoids injuries. Lie down on the floor, look cute and wag your tail, asking for a tummy rub but lie just far enough away to make sure that your owner has to stretch to reach you. Roll over and repeat several times.

And finally, keep up this effort all year through - you'll be adored and well loved! Feathers the Wonder Dog xxx

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