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My Brush with Crims – Part 2

Dear friends – thank you so much for all your messages of support after Klady’s Saab fiasco AND my heroic deeds. Klady and I think the whole episode to be rather funny; SirD somewhat less so.

I also have an update on the criminals who stopped by to strip and burn Klady’s Saab … true hot gossip from the Cygnet streets.

It appears that Klady, SirD and I were not the first to encounter these two white and battered pickups driven by grimy hard-looking men. The word on the street is that several days earlier in the middle of the night, two similar sounding pickups entered a small farmlet in the hills of the Huon Valley. Luckily, the property owner had CCTV and jumped up to take a look when the dogs started barking. The CCTV revealed five lean and grubby men in two white utes (pickups), who proceeded to drain all the petrol from the owner’s vehicles (including farm machinery) and then fill the utes with building, farm and maintenance tools, finally driving off into the darkness.

Luckily for us, our unpleasant encounter didn’t amount to criminal activity; hopefully the farmer has alerted the authorities to the activities of this gang working (working ha ha) in our valley.

Now onto the big news of the week. After my recent success as the defender of the good and detective extraordinaire, I have decided to take my skills down two - but mutually compatible - careers paths.

Path 1 – Security Services: I have decided to be Klady and SirD’s defender and home protector and to this end, I have started loudly reporting on all suspicious movements in our quiet, rural, End of the World settlement. Here are some of the questions I am pondering and will be investigating:

  • Why does a bus drive past our house every weekday exactly at 8:20 am and 3:40 pm, stopping in front of the big white house? Is this some special service? Personally, I have never seen anyone get on, or off, this phantom bus. In our past life, Klady was the family bus and taxi driver 27/7 and since I haven’t actually seen anyone use it, then why does it come here twice a day and at exactly the same time? This certainly is a mystery that I just don’t understand.

  • Why does an unmarked family car zigzag down the street every weekday afternoon around 2:15 pm. The car stops, dumps pieces of paper in our box on the kerbside and then the zigzagging continues.

  • Why do kookaburras laugh at me when I am on patrol? Yesterday my services as a protector were engaged by SCH to oversee the personal security of my client and her friends as they played a noisy game of mah jong. My role was very clear: to provide safety to this group who meet on a weekly basis to make a lot of noise. I secured the outside of the house; left my marks on most of the plants and vegetables and then proceeded to patrol the property’s perimeter when, while running up the stairs on my return, I slipped and fell down to the ground. All I could hear was the combined cackle of those birds and raucous yellow-spotted cockatoos. Luckily for me I was inside when three wedge-tailed eagles came to check out the movement and noise (they stole a newborn lamb just the week before!).

Path 2 – Detective: Over the past couple of weeks I have had to use all my skills and wits (and of course have enjoyed the experience immensely). Taking this to the next level, I am pleased to announce that I will be launching a new detective agency dedicated to solving mysteries at World’s End.

I hoping to recruit Klady’s youngest, who at the tender age of 10, started her own detective agency based in her Sydney backyard cubby house. She will bring to our venture significant experience, expertise and past successes, the highlights being; tracking down, rescuing and returning of a lost cat; and, helping chase a robber down the streets with a pair of secateurs (while the robber wasn’t caught, he never came back and so I count that as a success). Now all I need to do is setup a similar cubby house in our backyard here at World's End.

Do you think Klady’s youngest will want to join? She will be turning 21 this month but I can guarantee her lots of adventure and fun and definitely no university exams!

If you need a mystery solved, you're welcome email me at:

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