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Spice to knock my whiskers off

Dear Friends – My Christmas holidays are now over and I‘m back on the job patrolling the realm here at World’s End.

The best news is that I have discovered how to jump the back fence. After several secret practises and by watching my good friend Cottie leap onto the top of the wall, I am now an accomplished fence jumper and this means I have the freedom to run straight down into the water, chase some seagulls, go for a quick dip and come home somewhat damp and sandy – but luckily lying on Klady’s bed soon dries me off. As you can guess, she is not impressed!

The sad news is that over the past months I have had to endure all forms of cricket playing loudly throughout the house, in the garden and car – day and night.

When it’s not the Test series, then there’s the BBL and now the T20 series. When will this all end? Klady insists on either listening or watching the cricket (or as one of my friends says; watching grass grow): “Feathers, it’s THE classic sound of the Australian summer”. And it seems that a lot of Tasmania is cricket-mad, with participation increasing by more than 10 per cent in 2020 including a significant increase in female participation in what I call, this dubious sport. One comes across enthusiastic supporters everywhere and I’ve even heard Klady and SirD chatting with fellow locals during my beach walks about India's recent stunning Test performance and whether the Hobart Hurricanes can reach the BBL finals.

Actually, I should be very careful what I say about cricket as I once caught MrQ out for a duck during a particularly spirited backyard game. I was so proud of this feat that I ran away with the ball and buried it in a special secret place, where it still lies to this very day as I've never been able to find it!

And finally here at World's End, our summer bounty of fresh produce continues.

Klady has added to her ‘don’t buy anymore shopping list’, cherries. At one stage thanks to a combination of multiple gifts and local orchard purchases, the kitchen bench held more than 10 kgs of rich, ripe, juicy black cherries.

Apart from enjoying these as a tasty snack, this abundance has been converted into jam, syrup, cakes, pies and best of all, 40 jars of Klady’s Spicy Cherry BBQ Sauce. Bet you can’t wait to receive one of these gifts! If you are lucky to do so, be aware that I use the word ‘spicy’ carefully to describe a tangy, hot, sweet and sour cherry sauce that if eaten, will strip all the whiskers off my face.


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